The Tao of Mr. Bunny

This wise little bunny rabbit comes to visit me each morning and night, hopping merrily along for hours, right behind my house and along the stretch of my backyard.  Lately, he's been gracing me with his presence in the afternoons too.  I’m especially appreciative of this gesture given the “at home camp” I have become for my children this summer.  AKA: MOMMY CAMP.  In the simplest of terms, I am responsible for one hundred percent of their activity from 6:30 AM until 8:30 PM - every minute, all day, and every day – until summer ends.  I have to be camp counselor, mommy, nurse, friend, play date, story time reader, personal chef, arts and crafts teacher, swim instructor, sometimes a shark, an equestrian ride, most of the time a cheetah, and… well, you get the picture.  Endless bickering, social emotional relationship managing, diffusing blood curdling tantrums (you name it) has left me utterly spent, stressed out, and by three in the afternoon I have absolutely nothing left.  Can you imagine what type of random serendipitous act would have to take place in order to change my thought process?  Here I am drowning in this feeling of being broken down, and then, all of a sudden, this cute little bunny tail makes its way into my backyard.

His appearances are usually just after dawn, perfectly timed I think, in hopes to remind me to quiet my mind and savor the small glimpse of tranquility the earliest bit of morning can bring.  His half drawn eyelids (while sitting peacefully in a spot of sun) tell me to stop and feel the breeze rustling through the trees.  A twitch of his whiskers hints to me that I should smell the fragrance of the freshly cut grass or the nearby pine tree.  By slightly raising his ears he beckons me to listen to the sparrows chirping blessing everyone with their morning song. 

The sun is shining.  Lie still.  Be calm.  Just BE.

This, I believe, is his message to me.  This is what I have come to refer to as, “The Tao of Mr. Bunny”.  Gently he whispers these revelations to me, of which I desperately need to absorb, despite how impossible it seems amongst the constant hectic energy that surrounds me literally every day.  He’s just there exhibiting a cool, calm demeanor all the while completely aware of the calamity that is my children - who are just a stone’s throw away from his reach.  He remains emotionally serene.  Little bunny just eats his clover, minding his own space; meanwhile I sit back admiring his effortless Chi from afar.  He seems to understand the unspoken laws of nature, and the striving for its intangible balance. In this sense, meaning when to sit and savor a moment and when to self preserve. 

I look forward to his cathartic visits, and the subtle reminders he brings me with each one.  Everything in life - no matter how small and insignificant, or big and important - has a purpose.  We all have our paths to choose, and we will eventually choose, but it's important to remember every once in a while it’s so imperative to stop and sit in that sunny patch of grass for a while... off the beaten path, letting the sun warm our skin. 

Life is short, soak it up… all of it.

Today is simply what I choose to make of it, which is basically my perception of my overall experiences.  So for now, I'll just sit on my porch, breathing in the fragrant damp post-rain air, and counting my blessings… until 8:30 PM.   

Thank you, Mr. Bunny.


  1. I was on pins and needles waiting to read this (you love of bunnies) and I love it! Your writing style, the descriptions, you set the scene, I'm right there. <3

  2. Awww... THANK YOU (big smiles)! I'm so happy you enjoyed the post! :) I also adore bunnies and this little guy is like a little angel sent to my backyard, just for me, reminding me to breathe. I adore him. ;) I hope it brought you a little message of tranquility as it did for me.

    Thanks for the commenting, Mari, I love reading your thoughts!
    <3 Abbie

  3. Thank you, Abbie. This is so profound and is a wonderful way to live. I needed this reminder. Thank you!!!

  4. Thank you for your comment (I'm glowing that people are reading this, and you like it enough to tell me so!). :D I'm so happy it spoke to you, Sara! :) Trust me, I need the reminders that this post suggests too. It's so hard to do in this age of technology and always "being on". I hope it offers peace and happiness for you as it does for me. Now you just need to find *your* Tao animal. :)


  5. This is so true. Thanks for the great reminder.

  6. Thanks for commenting, Sally!
    I think we all need this simple reminder from time to time. :)