Paranormal Story #1 - My history of activity in this area

Being "sensitive" has always been my gift/ curse.  I have had so many experiences, that I will just have to give you some of the highlight reels.  This will just include stories from this general area that we have lived in (mostly our house now, but I've had spirits follow me from one home to another).  Maybe later I can embellish on what we believe are spirits that used to talk to my little sister in our living room growing up...

Back when we were living as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2000-2003 in what was
hubby's apartment at the time, I would get a NASTY spirit visiting me only when
the boyfriend was not home or traveling. This was a male energy and gave me the immediate feeling of terror I felt when it would appear and that I was being ogled for sexual violation.  This black mass would stand at the end of my bed. I could feel it appear, and it usually was just after hearing heavy footsteps walking up the stairs with no one there.  After this *thing* being around me too many times to count, and only when the man was not there and I was alone, I did a smudging. That cleared the icky- nessout until we moved to our first "condo" two blocks away. The nasty thing followed me to the next place. I did another smudging, and it went away.  Haven't had that one around since.

Now skip ahead to post baby, now living in newly built home (where we currently reside).  Big kid is 10 months old. She's in a crib in her baby room (now little kid's room), and frequently upon checking on her at night I would get that feeling
like I just walked in on someone in the bathroom stall.  It wasn't negative or a bad feeling per se, but I just *felt* I had walked in on an energy and startled it.  I had a deep feeling it was a family connection to my husbands side.  One day I noticed a deeply embedded black ash smudge on the carpet 2 feet into the room from the door (we don't wear shoes in the house).  It was so far down enmeshed into the carpet it was at the base of the strands and still loose/ coming up onto my
finger.  It was the circumference of a cigar ash dropping. It appeared overnight. Freaky.  Shortly after big kid started to climb out of the crib at eleven months, we moved her onto the floor and quickly into the next bigger room for more play space. SECOND ASH MARK appeared right next to the edge of her bed on the carpet - same description - except now it's right by her head. Also appeared overnight.  Double freaky.

Since then we have had a PLETHORA of experiences... big kid has never been afraid of the dark until she was four and a half.  It was then that she was waking up scared at 1 or 2 AM and not wanting to go back to her room because of what she described as "the hammering on her ceiling".  Yup.  Poor kiddo.  Now we do hail mary's every night as some form of protection - I'm not even that religious.  That was inspired around the time I kept seeing orbs flying past little kid's head, stopping and hovering above her, then reversing (all over the baby monitor). For almost three weeks straight I would come to check on little kid and the camera cord attached to the wall would be ripped off.  It's secured with a cross hold and is affixed with adhesive to the side of the molding. I tested it every night from there on to make sure I couldn't rip it off, only to come back in to find it ripped off. Once while watching her sleep on the monitor, I saw the cord rip off on its own!  I was freaked. This was during her nap time in the middle of the day (have I mentioned that this stuff also happens in the day time?).  My portable makeup mirror would crash into the sink where it originated from the middle of the
counter.  I would hear bangs upstairs while little kid was sleeping, etc.  I never
liked that the attic access was in the baby room (what builder does that???), so
we had it moved out to the hallway, with the only entrance available being right
outside of big kid's bedroom door.  We have a ladder attached to the door to get
up there.  Currently the stuff in little kid's room has stopped, but I wonder if that access has some activity tied to it.

I never did like it anyways... more stories to come.