Puppet really a serial killer

The Swedish Chef from the Muppets was totally a serial killer.  Am I the only one who sees this? 

I was watching one of the older Muppets video's on YouTube the other day, and was both appalled and crying in hysterical laughter while reminiscing over this old video clip.  It got me thinking though, as I listened to his gibberish... what sort of television were we watching as kids?!?!?  Seriously?  What the heck was considered bad if they were allowing this macabre display of a sociopath chef to air on the oh-so-coveted morning children's television time slot?  Although it's hysterical to me now (and definitely so back then), I may just have an eensy weensy issue with the airing of a Muppet chef man-handling a duck then throwing his hatchet sized butcher knife haphazardly into the air behind him with an emphatic, "Bork!  Bork!  Bork!".  Hmm kids, it's never OK to handle knives without an adult present or helping you, but if you do, make sure you scream unintelligible nonsense while throwing them blindly into the air behind you, physically molest and grope your live stock, turn around feverishly to find your murder weapon while the animal is squealing in terror and then run like a psychopath after your helpless prey (hatchet in hand).  This was considered WHOLESOME TV?  WTF?  What audience, prey tell, were they targeting with this little Swedish gem?  Lizzy Borden?  Chucky would be damn proud. 

Seventies television at its finest. 
No wonder I'm such a mess. 
Pass the piss and vinegar please... *throws hatchet behind myself*, BORK BORK BORK!