Narcoleptics should not

I was watching the TV last night, and on came some advertisement for a program that showcases strange disorders. The one they were describing last night was Narcolepsy. Oh. My. Dog. This disorder would just SUCK. I sat and watched this man doing perfectly normal daily activities (like making a PB & J) and slumping over (and whacking his head on the counter mid fall) in the middle of it to sleep. WHOA. That is some heavy shiza. Can you even imagine what kind of life you would have with this disorder? The limitations placed on your life experiences just based solely on your inability to protect yourself from inevitable harm, well, it makes it seem awfully suffocating. You'd literally have to become a bubble person. I really don't think living in a helmet would be all that snugly. I started to think about all the things they couldn't do and the list started to get pretty lengthy...

People with Narcolepsy shouldn't:

Swim with sharks, or just actually be anywhere in close proximity of a body of water.

Work with sheet metal fabrication.

Make hand blown glass.

Cook meals or learn how to chiffonade fresh herbs.

Rototill or mow their lawn.

Handle rock salt or pesticide.

Operate a wave runner, motorboat, or motorcycle.

Change cat litter boxes, or become dog walkers. If they did, it certainly could give new meaning to becoming sh** faced.

Roast marshmallows or make s'mores... Really they should just avoid anything related to camping or the outdoors. Bears get hungry.

Go spelunking. Because falling asleep on the floor of a cave fifty feet below ground level is so not cool.

Take a bath.

Play with icicles.

Walk on stairs. Period.

Become electricians, or high voltage technicians.

Clearly Narcolepsy really takes away from just being able to do everyday typical things. Poor helpless Narcoleptics. Stop whatever you're doing right now and hug a Narcoleptic. Then quickly run away so they don't crush you.