I'm perplexed

If it's an earthworm, why do you always find it on the cement sidewalk?

With things like Twitter and Instagram, is email the new "snail mail"... And regular post mail a new way to *break it down* "old school"?

Is the antithesis of the Trojan virus the fertility virus?

What is the purpose of Turkeys flying?

The early bird does NOT get the worm.  He gets the leftover Cheetos... I've seen it with my own eyes.

Where (and what) in the world is Joaquin Phoenix?

Why will I never tire of watching "Big Trouble in Little China"?

Why must I ask my children one hundred and fifty bajillion times to pick up their toys, but only once if they want ice cream?

WTH? Why do we even have toes?

Who is this person , "Smithsonian"? Whoever they are, they have a TREMENDOUS Art collection.  If he gets evicted, i bet that he's screwed because Storage containers have a strict "no dinosaur skeletal remains" policy.

If Twitter, email, Instagram, and  voice mail alert you of new messages - why do I still check them all obsessively every few minutes/ seconds?

I can't answer any of these, and now I'm just pooped.  Sleep deprived EEG's stink all the way up to my sherona.  What horrible irony this life is... The one night I WANT to go to sleep, and I MUST stay up for this dang test.

Sorry if the words are jumbled and look like a four year old typed them.  My brain is literally shutting down and I just want to crash into the floor... And sleep in my drool.