Acting infantile is a good thing

 Sometimes acting like a child is actually a good thing.

Yesterday I regressed about twenty years and rocked out with the sprinkler in my front yard.  For the first time in a very long time "the sprinkler" didn't involve a raised arm in a bent position, with elbow jutting out and my other arm pointing like a crossing guard, body jerking forward as if I'm having a seizure and flapping both arms towards each other.  You know, the sprinkler dance?  That's the only sprinkler that I have been privy to until recently.

Yesterday I made an executive decision.  I'm entirely too responsible.  Its gone on long enough, and it's downright ridiculous.  I packed up a lunch, some watermelon and ran through a sprinkler.  I let watermelon run down my face, and squealed with delight after each spray that unexpectedly hit my earlobe.  It was FANTASTIC.  Bonus: I got a tan too.  :)  I'm going to start calling this regression hydrotherapy.  It kind of sounds professional and more adult than "acting infantile".