Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Stop cramping my style man.
So, I took like a two month hiatus.
BIG whoop.

Don't you know I'm loco?

I'm kind of like the DMV online service... I make you love the idea of me, but then make you wait forever for some sort of sign of life, then lose all communication for a while to tease you and keep you guessing.  *Just* when you are about to give up and come to the brick and mortar with enraged hatred and a death wish, I pop back up again as if some lightening strike has sparked my motherboard back to life, and say some asinine poo that makes you gasp for more...
At least that's how it goes down in my head... dreams mostly, as I'm lying in my Target pajama pants and typing like a friendless loser.

Yup, (sucks teeth) that's me.  People are knocking down my door to be friends with someone like me, I tell ya.

Well, not really.
In fact I literally just had my kids crossing guard ask me if I was a hermit.
Um, no... nope.  I'm not joking.  She did that.
Sadly, my answer was, "Well... yeah.  I thought you knew that?"

Dang.  I need a fricking life.
I'm sorry, waiter!!!  Waiter?, can you please pass the boring self involved melodrama please?  MY table didn't seem to have enough...