Sugar Plum Fairies Dancing in My Mouth

Had a full on awesome time last week celebrating husband's birthday.  I took him out for a night on the town, and *oh boy* was it a night on the town.  Actually, I'm quite impressed with my scheduling and organizational abilities to pull this shite off.  First on the list was an uber awesome manly gift of grilling tools that Bobby Flay would be jealous of.  The "Always Perfect™ Chef's Fork is a digital meat thermometer with a color-changing backlit display. There is a built-in thermometer which measures food temperature and done-ness based on USDA-approved temperatures for nine popular types of food."  Dood.  Then as if that wasn't grilling awesomeness enough for him, yup, I got him an LED grill light that attaches to the handle of the grill.  *Sucks teeth* - yup, it's weather proof.  Eh-em, I rule.

After that was dinner at a semi-highfaluting restaurant.  It. Was. Awesome.  We were greeted with glasses of champagne, followed by incredible appetizers and a fantastically mouth-inspiring-orgasmic dinner... followed by an even more indelible double chocolate molten cake, dashed with hazelnuts, and topped with caramel dressing drizzled over hazelnut chocolate ice cream.  Um, yeah.  At one point I swear I looked up and there was a heavenly light shining down upon our table (and fairies sparkling over my shoulders).  Or maybe that was just my champagne induced psychosis that believed it was fairies or quite possibly a paparazzi camera light on my Chanel™-esque dress.  Oh, yeah, I worked it.  Ok, no paparazzi or fairies, but it sure as heck felt like it. I mean, the maitre d'hotel actually made mention of how much he loved my dress.  *I'm glowing*.

After dinner, we decided to follow through with our reservations to a certain well renowned speak easy.  Lots have been said about this place, and... well, they are all true.  I ordered "The Start of a Beautiful Life" - oh-ho-ho-ho!  Oh, no you di-in't!

Indeed, it was the start of a beautiful life, and in my own personal opinion, my new religion.  O.M.G.  Ginger extract, Manushka honey infused vodka, a million other ingredients, a little fairy dust and a sprinkle of goddess like magic... VOILA.  Holy effing crap.  My first drink of this unearthly libation was like the sugar plum fairies dancing their nutcracker sequence on my tongue and continuing down my esophagus.  An unearthly experience for each and every single one of my taste buds.  No joke.

As I visually absorbed the line of elixir syrups at the bar, and the complex working of hands, arms, body and soul into these drinks it came to me... the reason why this place is so coveted.  It's like you have stumbled upon Beelzebub's lair, his own true secret hidden cove to lay back and chill, and with the luck of an online reservation - you have a special invitation.  I can't wait to go back again, and order something else that will knock the proverbial socks off my feet.


  1. Where is that bar and restaurant? Sounds like I need to take a small vaca to where you live and eat and drink yummieness!!

  2. *I* need to take another vacation from my life to go back there! Lol! I'll tweet you the names of the places... DEFINITELY check them out.