Monster eating a helpless teddy bear.  He's looking at you saying you're next.

As I was chatting with a friend over coffee this morning, something occurred to me.  The world needs more misfits like us.  We both were equally describing ourselves as people who feel its tremendously taxing to keep up with the social demands of normal people and their conversations.  It's exhausting trying to pretend that I know the right thing to say and when to say it, how to be poised when I just want to blurt out something, or how to speak and listen effectively.  Quite honestly, I usually operate on a consistent level of being "out there", "different", darkly sarcastic and offering too much information (leaving people in a stun gun type of stance while I am dumping my verbal diarrhea).  Trying to be normal at a social gathering is like trying to tread water for 2 hours.  It's depleting for me.  As you can imagine, other people don't generally gel with my type of personality without significant effort on their part.  I'm more likely to strike up a relationship with your nanny and coordinate play dates with them than strike up a friendship with you.  Not because I don't like friends... but I can be really difficult to "get".  More than I would like, I am met with the jerking head back, blinking eyes, astonished look when I speak.  Needless to say, I don't get out much anymore and my social interactions are usually at my house or the random conversation with the grocery store cashier (by choice).  By using the word "conversation", I actually mean just answering them as to whether or not I want cash back from my transaction.  The way I see it, the more I interact with people the higher the probability that I will embarrass myself, my kid, or just insult someone without realizing it (see Foot in Mouth Disease post).  I am just too damn old now to be stressing about what I said to whom, and about what, and how it came across... becoming agoraphobic seems like such a better option.  I'm already a hermit.  It goes right along with the territory.

Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, what I was saying before is that the world needs more hermits, weirdos (in the non-harmful sense), misfits, unique people and overall difference.  I love meeting people that fit this description, especially since I include myself within that category as well.  Can you introduce me to some?  I need more like minded individuals!  :)

Calling all weirdo's, misfits, Emo's, withdrawn people, hermits, agoraphobics, other phobics, anxiety ridden people, whomever.  You have found a home here.  Take your butt and park it with me for a while.  I'd like to shoot some crazy talk with you, and discuss how weird it feels to be around normal people.
Let's enjoy being from another planet together.
Now where did I park my spaceship...?


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  2. Hi Lee!
    Thanks so much for reading, and also for the support. :) I'm glad you found entertainment here... you should check out, "The Preacher and the Waitress". You may find yourself chuckling a little.

    Keep stopping by!